Radio Button and text format

Aug 05, 2013

I created a radio button with text.  The text is long enough that it wraps around taking up two lines and that is okay.  Because of this, the radio button is in the center of the 2 lines of text and I would like for the radio button to be lined up with the first line of text. 

When I go to the format shape, text box, I’ve tried different combinations here and can’t get the radio button to line up with the first line of text and have the highlighted box be evenly spaced top and bottom when the mouse hovers over the selection.

What am I missing?


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Leslie McKerchie

Thanks for that Greg! That is precisely why it is good to see the file to understand, because I did not know you were referring to a Pick One Question Type.  This is how it is designed so that your highlight works for selection. I'm not sure if someone has an idea for what you are trying to accomplish.  Personally, I like the look that it provides.

Greg Schaffer

My apologies Leslie for leaving out the Pick One Question Type information, I always seem to leave out important details.  I, too, like the radio button in the middle.  However, the person I’m programming it for wants the radio button to line up at the top.  If it can be done, then that would be great.  If not, then I’ll go with what I have.

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