Changing object state from Hidden to Normal

I have a layer that contains three radio buttons (in a button set) and a text box whose initial state is Hidden. 

I have a trigger set up on each radio button that will change the state of the text box from Hidden to Normal when the radio button is clicked. 

The problem is when I preview the screen, the text box never changes to Normal (thus appearing) when any of the radio buttons are checked. 

I've attached a screenshot of what I'm working with. 



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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Claudine,

Thanks for sharing the file. It looks like the triggers were not referencing the correct text box? They were referencing a rectangle caption - and when I changed it to the labelled "feedback" one - that worked as expected. I also saw one of the triggers when opening it, had nothing listed for the object and state - so as a reminder you'll also want to confirm you're working on your project files as described here.