Changing object state from Hidden to Normal

Jan 08, 2015

I have a layer that contains three radio buttons (in a button set) and a text box whose initial state is Hidden. 

I have a trigger set up on each radio button that will change the state of the text box from Hidden to Normal when the radio button is clicked. 

The problem is when I preview the screen, the text box never changes to Normal (thus appearing) when any of the radio buttons are checked. 

I've attached a screenshot of what I'm working with. 



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Claudine,

Thanks for sharing the file. It looks like the triggers were not referencing the correct text box? They were referencing a rectangle caption - and when I changed it to the labelled "feedback" one - that worked as expected. I also saw one of the triggers when opening it, had nothing listed for the object and state - so as a reminder you'll also want to confirm you're working on your project files as described here. 

fbs 419

So I have this same issue.  I have 3 radio buttons and 2 text boxes.  I'll call the text boxes tb1 and tb2. The text boxes are initially hidden.  If you click the top radio button, I want a tb1 to come up, and tb2 to stay hidden.  If you click the middle radio button, I want both text boxes hidden.  If you click the bottom one, I want tb2 to come up and tb1 hidden.

It doesn't work.  In addition to that, the order of the radio buttons is not the same as on the slide.  I have read that that has to do with triggers, but there are only the 2 triggers on each button.  I have changed the order on those, but it makes no difference.  What am I missing?

Small story attached.  Thanks

fbs 419

Actually, it's a great answer if I'm working with text boxes.  It turns out that I realized I don't want text boxes -- I want text entries.  I can't seem to create a trigger on those; in the trigger wizard, the text entries don't show up in the On Object dropdown.  Also, there are text entry triggers there now.  I may or may not want them, but I can't delete them.  I saw another post about changing the state of text entries, and it looked very complicated.  I don't need layers or anything.  I just need it to do exactly what it did for text boxes.  Why should text entries behave any differently than text boxes in this case?

Your other suggestion was to "move the text boxes to the selected states of your radio buttons."  Maybe that would help, but I have no idea what that means.   Thanks

Walt Hamilton

Text entries are data entry objects, so they are expected to have nothing in common with text boxes, which are merely containers. By nature, we need them to behave differently.

That said, this is a visual medium, so nothing has to do what you want it to do; it only has to look like it is doing it. Try the attached sample.

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