Changing the state on one object based on clicking another object

I have a slide that has multiple buttons linking out to other scenes.  Next to each of the buttons, I have a check box with an initial state set to hidden.  I have a trigger that says change the state of check box 1 to normal when I click button 1.  

It does not work.  

I have other triggers on the same button set to change the state to visited after clicked and they work, but, that is changing the state of button 1 by clicking button 1, not another object.

What am I missing?



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Wendy Farmer

First of all SL default states like selected / visited don't require a trigger so you could remove that trigger.

And I can see that the jump to trigger is before the change state trigger of the check mark so push the jump to trigger to the bottom as SL executes triggers in the order it gets to them.