Animated GIF not working properly?

I can not get my animated GIF to play if I chose to not loop when creating it.

I created one from the same file that loops, and another that does not loop. The one that loops plays properly in Storyline, however the one that does not loop will not play correctly, it shows up as an image without the transparency present.

Has anyone else had this problem or know how to deal with it?


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Joe Shultheis

I just read similar issues and was dumbfounded to here it is not considered a high enough impact feature to deal with on the development team. That ability would open up a world of possibilities to users who want animations that they used to be able to do in Flash easily. 

We are currently converting 200+ courses into HTML5 because in 2020 Flash will be removed from all our browsers by our IT department in the government sector. We created a bajillion interesting animations in Flash that are just not possible in Storyline or the other big ticket software used for eLearning.  HOWEVER, by creating animated GIFs from the sequence of frames from any of these animations allows us to achieve the same look and level of intricacy desire in our animations. 

Seems GIFs work if they are set to loop when created but not if set to only play once. That would be a game changer for me.

I am required to jump between SL and the other big name software because certain features are not available in each, but this would allow me to be one step closer to always using SL.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Joe,

Thank you for reaching out and sharing what you are seeing with your gif file. This is a bit different than I've seen reported before, but we have seen reports of high-resolution GIF files displaying as static images within Storyline 360.

Could you reduce the resolution or quality of the GIF file to see if that alleviates the issue you're currently seeing?

If so, I'll be sure to add this conversation to the report as we track this issue and we can notify you of any updates as well.