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Dec 16, 2019


I have two questions:

I'm creating a quiz in storyline and I'm having trouble adding a different animated GIF for the (Success) and (Failure) Screen. I'm able to add a GIF to the results slide however this overrides the base layer and students would not be able to see their results. 

Secondly, I'm using a default quiz template is there a way to change the graphics on the correct/incorrect popup? It also stops the background music and I would like to prevent that as well.

If someone could point me in the right direction that would be greatly appreciated.



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Jerry Beaucaire

I'm not understanding the problem.   I use animated GIFs on my results slides, so I know it's not an issue to do so, and your movie and pic aren't making it clear to me what the problem really is.  Sorry if I'm being dense.

Can you elaborate?


If you add an image to the SUCCESS/FAILURE layers, just make sure the image is not placed on top of the results text from the base layer.

If the image is BIG, then move the results text onto the layers as well so you can position it back on top of the gif.

Kirk  Loveland

Hi Jerry,

Thank you for your response. Sorry for the confusion I'm just learning story line so I probably didn't describe the issue correctly.

My test results were being placed behind the animated gif and there was no way for me to move the gif below the base layer which contained the results. Long story short I turned off visibility for results on the base layer I then copy and pasted them on the failure / success layers. Now I have a unique animated gif for both success and failure. Maybe there is a better method but this appears to be working. Anyways it sounds like I ended up doing something similar to what you've mentioned above.

I'm guessing the correct / incorrect popups graphics can be modified if so is that done through the slid master?




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