Low Quality Animated GIF Image When Previewed or Published

May 02, 2017


I have created an animated GIF for a course I am creating.

When previewing the animated GIF in MS Windows image viewer the quality of the image and animation looks good, and also when I've imported it into my Storyline window (see attached SL file).


When I go to preview the page, either within Storyline or even when I publish the project and view it in the browser, the animated GIF quality is very poor.

Please see the attached SL file as an example.  *Note: the animated gauge moves about every 10 seconds.

I'm guessing that the drop is image/animation quality is when SL applies its own graphics compression on the animated GIF image.

Is there any way of excluding particular graphics files from being compressed/manipulated by SL when it publishes it?

I have had a good look in the support and discussion areas, though can't find anything that relates to what I'm seeing so any help much appreciated.

Thanks in advance,



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