animated gif to fill background button

Hi everyone,

i try actually to realise a wall of button to launch video.

I've publish with succes a first prototype that is cool.

For my second video wall i've try to fill the background of my button with animated gif.

The result is strange! Each time the mouse hovered the buttons each time gif progress to  one step!

Is there a tip to allow my gif played without interaction into buttons?


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Frederic Waymel

Salut à toi aussi Geert,

mon objectif est de tester les limites de l'outil. J'ai déjà réalisé la manipulation avec les hot spot et ça fonctionne.

Que développes tu pour l'EASA?

A bientôt sur la toile.


Hi Geert,

I'm testing the limits of Storyline as far as possible.

I've also realised the interaction with the hot spot instead of the buttons. It Works!

What are you doing for the EASA?