Animated PNGs

Jun 30, 2021

Hi everyone,

I have created an animated PNG (APNG) which is attached.

It works OK when I open it in a browser etc but I want to import it into Storyline.

I can do this but when I preview the movie, it is not animating and just looks  like a single PNG image.

Doesn't Storyline support animated PNGs full stop at the moment or is there some way round this?

Thanks in advance.



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Boston Cooper

Yes, storyline 360 can display animated APNG.

The process is the following.

1) I started from a 3d software

2) Export PNG sequence (image1.png, image2.png, image3.png, image4.png.......)

3) Upload all the images on an online service like:

4) Configure as you desire in timing, looping, etc.

5) BUG: If the PNG is not a looping one and is just 1 sequence and stops at the end.

Hiding and showing the object won´t reset its initial state it will stop at the end and keeps that state forever. You need to give a "normal" and "disabled" state (the "disabled" state must be blank without the png). And a trigger somewhere to change from "normal" to "disabled".


Here is my example of a transparent APNG over a basic circle (storyline object):