Animating a hotspot

I am creating a game where a learner needs to click-and-drag flying sheets of  paper into a filing cabinet or a trash can. 

I thought to create several objects each with their own animation motion path. Then group each object with an animated hostpot (sharing same path). However, it seems I can't group an object and a hotspot.

Can you suggest a way to achieve what I'm after?


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Ben McKenna

Hey Amos,

Is this similar to what you had in mind?

Storyline doesn't seem to like it when you try to interrupt a motion path, so what I'm doing is pausing the timeline while the object is held down, then resuming it if you let go. For this purpose you should try to keep the drag and drop interaction on its own timeline so that nothing else gets interrupted by the pause timeline trigger.

Also, I've hidden the drag object when it's dropped on the box because it wasn't correctly positioned. If you want your image to remain visible after being dropped, I would suggest making a copy of the image which starts off as hidden and appears on the drop area instead.

I've attached the .story file if you want to take a look at it.