animation doesn't work properly in IE

Hi all,

Having some animation issues when viewing the course in IE (any version, really).

I have attached the screenshot. I have a few tabs with animated text and images. The images and text are supposed to float in when in the Completed state (with a tick at the top). Tabs 2-4 don't have any issues with animation, it works as it should work. However, tab 1 doesn't play as it should, seems like it just stops at some point and doesn't finish its movement. You can see the image and the text in tab 1 is way below.

Not sure what goes wrong? 

Thank you

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Alyssa Gomez

Thanks for sharing your file with me, Irina! I tested it in Tempshare, and I noticed the same problem you described. It looks like this problem happens in Flash, but the HTML5 output works normally. 

I'm going to share this with our Support Engineers to have a closer look. They'll reach out to you via email soon!