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Oct 22, 2019

I am looking for some assistance with some animation. The attachment is what I am trying to figure out. I would like the balls to look like they actually go into the funnel. I have tried a hotspot to make them disappear once hitting the hotspot but it doesn't look quite right. Does anyone have any advice?

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Jerry Beaucaire

You probably need 2 shapes to achieve this affect.

  1. Copy the funnel and drop it onto a PowerPoint slide.
  2. Highlight it, then click PICTURE OPTIONS > REMOVE BACKGROUND.
  3. Use the two MARK AREAS buttons to get just the lower funnel section highlighted, the upper bowl section needs to be purple.
  4. Exit, then copy the new version of your funnel.
  5. Paste the new version into SL and position it exactly over the original. 
  6. (optional idea) Set the Transparency on the new one in front to maybe 5-10% if you want the balls dropped in to just barely be visible inside the funnel.
  7. Set the Z order of the objects in the timeline so the balls are above the original funnel, behind the new one.

That should do it.   I ended up adjusting the path of the balls to go up higher and down in from the top, and adjusted the placement a little, but this is the end effect.

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