Animation in Storyline

Mar 09, 2020

Hello, I'm currently looking into creating animations for e-learning. If I create an animation using another software would I then be able to import that into storyline?

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Math Notermans

All depends on your animation. If its a HTML5 scripted animation you can use a WebObject to bring it in. Gifs and Mp4's offcourse you can import and use.

One great possibility for animation is using GSAP, as recently Articulate upgraded its internal used GSAP to the latest version. Any GSAP animation you have/make or find you can use in Storyline.

Biggest issue then offcourse is how to select and control your page elements. Due to the internal setup of Storyline thats somewhat more complicated, but it for sure is possible. Any given element on Storyline's stage you can control and animate this way.