Animation path with a fade or other animation?

Oct 28, 2015

Does anyone know of a way to have an animation path that has an additional animation such as a fade? I attempted to use a curved animation path that faded out the object as it moved. However, what actually happens is that the object begins traveling along the animation path and if the fade comes up before the animation path completes, the object jumps to the end of the animation path and then fades. 

Am I missing a setting to help make this happen? Or do I need to have another layer set to the same color as the background fade in on top of the animated object?

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Douglas Spencer

Using nested objects you can do something similar to what you are asking. In other words, you can use states to put objects inside of others. The only draw back to this is that it only seems to accept animations that trigger on timeline start and I have not been able to get results with timeline end. So Fade would not work.

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