Animation restart on revisiting

Jun 05, 2019


All of my project's slides are set to "resume saved state", but even though, the animations restart on revisiting the slide. 

Is there a way to cancel that and really start from the exact point the user left the slide?

The reason I ask is because it still keeps the elements in place, but the animation start again so elements that should be shown after animation is complete, are shown without the element that is animated.

Here are 2 screenshots:

how the slide should look, and works on first visitation in the slide:

and here's what happens after revisiting:

the exercises should be above the pile of hey and they are set to be shown after the animation of the hey is complete. But it gets messed up on revisiting.

.story file also attached.




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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Bar. I'm seeing a bug where the triggers that should happen when the timeline starts on the slide are firing again when you revisit the slide, even though the timeline shouldn't be restarting. On your slides, these include the motion path triggers, which is why objects appear out of sync when revisiting your slides that have states saved.

The current workaround is to use when the timeline of the object starts rather than the timeline of the slide, or to change the trigger to "when timeline reaches .25s," for example.

I'll tag this discussion so we can update you with changes!

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