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Aug 06, 2015

Hi, folks!

I have five character state changes on one screen in SL2 that are tied to triggers on cue points.  The states change just fine, but they are "hard" changes.  In other words, I like to fade in/out so the characters appear to naturally move into the new pose.  Using state changes doesn't seem to allow me to set animation times for the characters.  I have a one second fade in/out set on the initial character state, but the remaining characters don't pick it up.

If it's not possible to set animation times on states, does anyone have a tip for sizing and aligning characters if I paste them in as separate images directly on the screen (not using states)?  Many thanks!    ~Lisa



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Prashant Patil

hi Lisa,

i tried doing same but no luck, i was not able to apply animation to images but the animations was working fine for inbuilt shapes, i also have no idea why the animation is not working for images, please update here if you have got an workaround for this, and for your another question you can try resize and position images from format ribbon on top or you can just right click the object and select resize and position you can change size and position there too.

you can simply go through this link its really helpful for resizing the objects.


Prashant Patil

Hi all,

i am still stuck on the same issue, not able to give animation to the states, i have attached story file for reference in which there are two characters man and a women and for the women different poses are given in the states of the same object and for the man i have take different objects for different poses. the man animates properly in and out but not the women because i am not able to give animation inside states the animation option disables when i go to edit state option, FYI i am using storyline 2 update 5. thanks in advance . 

Kevin Thorn

Hi Lisa and others!

First, we were able to animate object states (shapes, characters, etc.) in Storyline 1, but for some reason not able to in Storyline 2. 

Anything is doable, right? :) Yes, you can in fact animate both the Fade In and Fade Out animations in object states including characters. What?!?! Get out!

The trick is to animate the objects *before* first and then cut/paste them into another object as additional states. Here's how you do it:

  1. In this example, insert four different characters on the slide.
  2. Animate each of the characters to Fade In and Fade Out (set timing).
  3. COPY the first character.
  4. Edit the States of the first character
  5. Delete the character in the "Normal" State and Paste. The same character you copied just prior to editing is now the new Normal State. 
    • You only have to do this step to the Normal State
  6. Click "Done Editing States"
  7. CUT the second character
  8. Select the first character and Edit States
  9. Create a New State > give it a name > delete the character that gets created from the Normal State > paste the second character
  10. Rinse & repeat for the other two characters. 

I've attached an example of the above and added four buttons that change the "Character" to its corresponding State. Both Fade In and Fade Out works just fine!

In summary, the trick is to apply animation effects to objects first. Whichever object then becomes the main object for multiple States is where you cut/paste into those new States. The *only* State that needs to be replaced is the Normal State.


There is one little behavior I can't figure out though. In the attached example, click on any of the buttons to fade in a different character State. Wait just a couple seconds and the character will fade out to blank. Yet, clicking on any other character button after that very first State change, the others don't fade out and everything behaves correctly. It also doesn't matter which character State you change first, "that" State will fade out. 

The only thing I can figure is the nature of the Fade Out animation effect is fundamentally tied to the end of a timeline or an object's existence on a timeline. I can only assume there's some hidden timeline on object States at maybe 2-3 seconds. But that doesn't account for why the auto fade out (not clicking a button) only happens on the first interaction with the character object.

Maybe someone else can figure that little mystery out. Until then, enjoy!

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