Animations do not pause when base layer is paused

Jan 10, 2018

Currently I have the base layer content (along with audio) and a layer (set to appear on cue point) in line with the audio. On the layer are animations surrounding a figure (highlights, markers etc.). When pausing using the player pause on a layer, the base layer and all of its media pauses, but the animations continue to play out until the layer closes. Resuming the timeline now means the audio is out of sync.

Is there a way to pause both the base layer and another layer at the same time?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hey Open Digital! Happy to clarify how the player pause button works on a slide layer.

  • If you enabled the "Pause timeline of base layer" setting: the player seekbar will reflect the layer timeline, and the pause button will pause the layer.
  • If you did not enable the "Pause timeline of base layer" setting: the player seekbar will reflect the base timeline, and the pause button will not pause the layer.

My suggestion would be to put all slide objects on the base layer to keep the animation and audio in sync.

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