Animations in Storyline 3

My final project in my graduate class on e-authoring tools is to create an animation slide in Captivate.  I switched to using Storyline 3 early in the course because it's so much easier to use.  Animations in e-authoring, as defined by my professor, are anything that moves on a slide beyond the learner's control.  I just wanted to share my slide with you to see if I'm really designing an animation...or if it's something else.  I also need to record a voiceover explaining or teaching the slide, which I will do over the weekend; I'm not as worried about doing that.   

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Ren Gomez

Hi Ross,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing your file! I'd consider using features the Animations tab in Storyline to add additional effect to your course. 

Motion paths are also a great way to add animation and can be triggered once the user completes an action! Check out this user guide for help: