Animations really slow

Hi all

I have created a module using a comic strip theme.  There are a lot of animations including a comic style background and also characters with changing states.  Users who are viewing the eLearning on a remote desktop are experiencing severe lagging and very very slow slides (a 20 minute module is taking an hour).

I appreciate that the lag is down to the system, but I am trying to think of ways to speed it up.

Would putting all the backgrounds into slide master with or without the animations make a difference?

Is there anything else I can do?   

Thank you in advance.

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Randy Hill

Have you tried optimizing the images you are using to animate? If it is trying to load several large images over and over that could bog it down. In essence, this is still a web page so think in the form of web optimization for images. 

As far as background images, anything that is static, such as a background image that is used on multiple slides, I would place in a master page, that way it is just loaded once.