Animations / States Failing if Mouse Hovered Over Object

Mar 15, 2013


So I have this issue that affects all my Storyline courses, in preview and published modes.

I have an object that has multiple states and an entrance animation.  If the user mouses over the object at the very beginning of the slide (before animations have occured), the animation fails and the states becomes reversed or do not function properly for the remainder of the slide.

For example.

Object A has the following states: Normal and hover. (25% transparency on Normal, 0% on hover)

Object A has the following animation: Fade In

At the beginning of the slide, my mouse is already hovering over where the object is set to fade in, so the object actually shows the hover state (0% transparency) and essentially skips the animation.  Now, after all my objects have animated onto the slide, if I move my cursor off Object A, it disappears altogether, then reappears if I hover over it again (these are not the correct states as I defined them).

So I fixed the issue by creating a 99% transparent box at the forefront of the slide that is set to disappear AFTER all my animations are done, effectively "masking" all states and interactions on the slide until animations have completed. When the transparent box disappears, my object states perform as intended.

Does anyone else experience this issue or have a way to fix this without adding the "slide blocker" box in the beginning?

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