Annotations on audio that starts on click

Aug 19, 2013

Is there any way to sync annotations to audio that starts on a click trigger. The issue is that with html5 output, the audio is buggy in slides, so the audio needs to be started on click triggers to work correctly. Because of this, I can't just start the audio at the start of the slide and have the audio and animations synced on the timeline. 

Can the timeline be started from a click trigger that triggers the audio as well? If not, is there any way to get click triggered audio to sync with animations?


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Mike Bennett

I just tried this and this is causing another issue. When viewing in google chrome or safari, the animation doesn't start until the audio is finished even though they are both on the same layer that was trigger activated. Any way to get them to both start at the same time when the layer they are on is trigger activated?


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