Restart audio at current point on timeline

Mar 28, 2019

We have an icon to pause/restart the timeline and a second one to simply turn the sound on and off. The audio icon is there to allow the learner to control whether or not to play audio at all in the course. 

But if I turn audio off and then turn it back on in a few seconds on the same screen, which some learners will do....

If I PAUSE media, audio restarts from the point when it was turned off and the screen has moved on, so audio is out of sync with the content.

If I STOP media, audio starts over, again being out of sync with the content.

Is there a way to have it start at the current point in the timeline when they click the icon to turn it back on? 

Thanks for any ideas!

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Michael Anderson

I moved the audio file into a web object, where it can be controlled differently than on the slide. Pausing the timeline pauses the audio file within the web object, pressing your mute button mutes it, all using variables to communicate back and forth.

I only worked on the first slide, so I placed the web object there. It could be placed on the Slide Master and some extra programming done to determine which audio file to play(set a variable on each slide), or you could place the web object on each slide, but then you would need to create a separate web object folder for each slide.

I've attached the .story file for you to look at, let me know if you would like me to develop this further.

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