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Nov 27, 2012

I've read quite a few posts on preferred video format and SL conversion to MP4, but don't see anything dealing with this... I inserted a large .flv video into a presentation and I noticed during ftp to my LMS that the same video was uploaded in two versions- .mp4 AND .flv. Is that normal? It makes my package pretty huge with both formats being uploaded.

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Jeff,

It really depends on what options you're using when you publish. I believe certain selections will create the Flash version for compatibility. This just makes it so that users viewing the content that don't have the capability to view a particular format will be able to view it in another. This is usually the case for files created for mobile devices, because some can view in HTML5 and others use Flash.

When you publish for your LMS are you selecting any of the additional options for HTML5 or mobile devices? If so, that might be why you're getting the additional files. If you don't expect users to view the content on mobile devices, you can try publishing without these additional options and see if it makes a difference in the file size for you.

Jeff Nauman

Hi Christine,

Well, I do have all of the additional options selected.. I have 6 modules with 6 different vids uploading to the LMS. Upon further review, all of my source vids used to create the SL were .wmv format EXCEPT one... it was an .flv and it was the one that was uploading both Flash and MP4. When I converted that one to .wmv and brought it to SL, there was only the one MP4 version uploaded. So, I guess I sort of get it... for now.... maybe.... or not.

Anyway, thanks for your expert feedback!

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