MP4 Files Not Working in LMS

Jul 18, 2012

Using Storyline, when import or record video in storyline it will default to mp4. I am using Meridian LMS current version and it wont load the mp4 file. So I have to publish my storyline, go into the story content folder and open the mp4 file in Video Encoder, publish as a flv file, save back to the story content folder, delete the mp4 file, open the manifest xml file and change the video mp4 file to a flv file. After doing all this, my LMS still wont load video. Gurrr. Does anyone have a suggestion? So frustrating...I am under a great deal of pressure at this time to get several online courses completed that have video in them. 


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Gerry Wasiluk

Sara Hargrave said:

Oh, one more thing, when I import a flv file into storyline it will convert it to mp4. How can I get around the mp4 issue?


Here's how Storyline encodes imported videos:

If you can't produce an FLV (alpha channel) then you can try putting the FLV on a web page and then using it in Storyline as a web object.

And to add to Bill's suggestion:

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