Storyline 360 and Success Factors LMS-Resources Not Loading

Dec 14, 2020

I have a Storyline file that is supposed to have 2 PDFs as resources. When I publish to SCORM for LMS they do not show up in the Story Content output file. If I try to move a copy of the folder with them into the Story Content folder and then rezip the file, it won't load into Success Factors and gives me an error message saying there is invalid content included.  If I load the initial zipped output from Storyline it loads but there are no resources included. Anyone else having this issue? I am using the most recent version of Storyline 360 and Success Factors.

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Katie Riggio

Hey there, Melissa!

I haven't seen similar reports as of yet, so I'm glad you reached out. A few questions to help us find a fix:

  • Are the PDF files on a local drive?
  • Could you remove and reattach both PDFs, and then republish the course. Does that help?
  • If they're still not in the published output, could you share the project file with us? You can use this private link. We'll take a look and report back on the next step!
Leslie McKerchie

Hi Brian,

I appreciate you taking the time to reach out and share what you are experiencing with your PDF in your Storyline course.

It sounds like you have difficulty with one specific PDF, even when loading in different project files.

  • Is the PDF file on a local drive?
  • How are you adding the PDF file?
  • Are you viewing the published output in the LMS environment as a learner would?
  • What error are you seeing?
Brian Cook

Hi Leslie,

This is what is interesting. We are updating about 50 skill trainings that all basically have the same SL layout, sans the different skill content. When we go to update, we will typically pull the archived SL file, make the changes (which includes re-linking two PDFs) and render a SCORM.

What we are finding is that almost randomly one SL file will include both files (we check by looking in the external file/storyline content folder in the zipped project), and another will only include one. It is always the second PDF to be accessed in each training that is the problem child. All PDFs are new, replacing old content. Yet, some are fine and some are not. As a quick fix, we have found that we can unzip, manually deposit the missing file, and rezip. Our LMS is not the problem because we can tell beforehand which ones have goofed up before we post them.

But I am a stickler for root cause analysis. The only other thing I can think of is that some of the old versions were rendered SCORM 2004, edition 4, and for some reason, they don't do so hot after we make changes. We have found that switching all of the updates to edition 2 has fixed this problem, yet there is not a correlation between that and the issue at hand.

We have considered finding a "good" copy and creating a universal template, but this would be a ginormous pain in the donkey to apply across the table. Some of our updates are only a couple of tweaks, and starting ALL of them from a template would be a waste of resources.

I have tried completely deleting each trigger (to open the files) and creating a new one, rather than just changing the trigger path to the new PDF. Still, no correlation. There must be some setting or command I am missing.