Storyline 360 and Success Factors LMS-Resources Not Loading

I have a Storyline file that is supposed to have 2 PDFs as resources. When I publish to SCORM for LMS they do not show up in the Story Content output file. If I try to move a copy of the folder with them into the Story Content folder and then rezip the file, it won't load into Success Factors and gives me an error message saying there is invalid content included.  If I load the initial zipped output from Storyline it loads but there are no resources included. Anyone else having this issue? I am using the most recent version of Storyline 360 and Success Factors.

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Katie Riggio

Hey there, Melissa!

I haven't seen similar reports as of yet, so I'm glad you reached out. A few questions to help us find a fix:

  • Are the PDF files on a local drive?
  • Could you remove and reattach both PDFs, and then republish the course. Does that help?
  • If they're still not in the published output, could you share the project file with us? You can use this private link. We'll take a look and report back on the next step!