Answer marked incorrect in LMS, but marked correct when tested

Apr 15, 2021

I have a course I created back in November 2020. Two of the quiz questions are set up as a fill-in-the-blank freeform. I set it up so the answer would be correct if the learner typed in the right answer for the acronym. I am attaching three images. The first image is what the learner got when testing in the LMS. The second is the correct answer showing in the preview and the third is the triggers used that mark the answers correct. I also used a test LMS site which is just to make sure the course is fully functional before it goes to the production site. 

Can anyone guess/tell me what went wrong? 

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Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Faye.

Thank you for reaching out and for the screenshots you shared!

Let me recap your described process, so I make sure I understand the issue, and we can try to narrow it down:

  • Fill-in-the-blank freeform works as expected in Preview mode
  • Once uploaded to the test LMS, one user received the incorrect feedback when inputting the correct responses.

Did you also try the LMS version? If so, were you able to get the correct feedback, or did you also receive incorrect? 

Is it possible that the user added an extra space to one of the words?

If you can share your .story file publicly here or privately through a support case, we'd be happy to take a deeper look at what might be causing this.

Faye Suggs

Hi Maria, 

Sorry, I didn't receive a notification of your response. I will send the file privately. I did test this on the LMS platform and another developer noted that sometimes the learner may add an extra space within that text field and it can come up wrong. The reason for that is due to Storyline looking for an exact match. Other learners did get 100%.