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Crystal Horn

Hi Melissa.  I'm noticing a little bit of weirdness with the short answer slides:

Somehow, there are duplicate triggers and text entry variables on these slides.  Even the interaction, "Short Answer 1" indicates it has been duplicated because of the "1." When I created my own sample with 2 short answer slides in Storyline 2, and then upgraded the file to Storyline 360, I didn't see the same duplication.

Can you rebuild these two slides and see if they report correctly to your LMS?

Leslie McKerchie

Hey Melissa,

I'm not seeing a Results Slide in your course. That could certainly explain why none of the answers are being shared anywhere.

I've attached your file with a results slide added if you'd like to take a look. Another thought I had with your course is to convert your digital agreement slide to a freeform question slide so that it was included in the report as well. Not sure if that would work for you, but it was just another thought :)

Melissa Pittman

Thank you Leslie.  I thought that too as I dove deeper into the course.  It's always hard when you aren't the person that development the course.  I had added a results slide and couldn't get it to work but thought it was me! LOL  So, I tried yours and it still won't work.  

 What is strange is that I didn't do anything to that course but open it in 360 and republish so it would have the HTML backup.  The original doesn't appear to have a results slide either but was somehow working!  I'm completely stumped!  Here is the original. 

Also here is a SL2 that is working but I cannot get the 360 course to work. 

Leslie McKerchie

Hey Melissa,

Thanks for sharing the SL2 file.

You stated that this file is working, but I get the same result in SCORM Cloud when publishing the SL2 version and when updating to SL360. No details of any questions answered for either. The results worked as expected to be set to track by the number of slides viewed.

You have the course set to track by the number of slides viewed, but it sounds like you'd like to see the answers to the questions, correct?

The course that I shared, when published to reflect tracking by the results slide, shows the answers as expected in SL360:

My updated file, to reflect the correct publishing options, is attached as well as the zipped published output if you'd like to upload/test in your LMS.