Any Experience with Articulate Courses Hosted w/Thought Industries LMS?

Sep 24, 2018

Dear Heroes,

Is anyone currently hosting Storyline 360 courses on Thought Industries LMS (Thought LMS)? If so, can you please share A) which is the best SCORM standard, the optimal Articulate settings, and best Articulate story size to ensure the courses can be viewed embedded within the LMS.  B) Are there any settings that should not be set within the Thought LMS? Any other guidance or feedback is greatly appreciated. Thank you kindly ~


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Holley Berley

I just stumbled onto this thread by accident but I do have some advice for this (this thread doesn't appear to be new but maybe this can help someone in the future).

My company is currently utilizing Thought Industries (Ti) and they have two options for uploading SCORM.  The first is through a Ti course.  This is when you create a SCORM page within a course content type.  You can toggle whether or not to reset the data each time a user visits.  Be careful with this - because some users will want to open and resume where they left off.  I prefer to make a button that sends them back if they want to go back, rather than reset everything.

I've personally had better luck with the SCORM content type (not page type).  FYI: the users never see the Ti course interface with this method.  The SCORM opens in a new window when the user clicks it from the Course Catalog.  I've found that the Ti system understands course completion better when I upload this way (if you upload SCORM to a page within a full-on Ti course, Ti may think the course is completed just because the user clicked into the page - regardless of whether they completed the SCORM or not).

I recommend saving/uploading as SCORM 2004 (it reports better in Ti).

If you're set on having the SCORM embedded, you'll need to go with the course content type and toggle it to be embedded.  The regular size preset in Storyline has worked fine for me, although I do recommend having the left Ti menu auto-closed when a learner accesses the course, to give the SCORM more room.


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