Tracking Decisions in Branching Course

Aug 29, 2017

Hi, all: 

Newbie here. I need to make a few courses that include branching scenarios. Ideally, I would like to see a report from my LMS of the decisions my learners make. Can anyone speak to the best way to do this? I am guessing I should branch from graded question slides so responses can be tracked. 

Additional questions:

  • Are there any other settings I should check within Articulate before publishing?
  • Does it matter if I publish the course as a SCORM or TinCan API file on my LMS?
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Michael Shannon

It really is dependent upon your LMS but yes, Storyline does track the answers to any graded question. Yes, that's the way you would have to track their decisions. Remember you don't have to be restricted to the default types, using the "convert to freeform" gives you a lot of options with scenarios. 

You need to have a results slide and use it in your publish settings under "reporting and tracking" > "tracking" although you don't have to show the results to the learner. 

SCORM or TinCan can handle this. 

Ellen Price

Hi, Ashley: 

I was tracking by the results slide. Our LMS simply doesn't have the reporting capabilities to tell us how learners answer the questions, which is unfortunate--we wanted to do a medical patient simulation using branching and find out where learners make sub-optimal choices.

Do we have any other options for gathering this data from the SCORM file besides through our LMS?

Thanks in advance. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ellen,

I don't haver other options outside of the LMS - but I know some folks look at using external databases to track responses. It's not something I can help with, but a quick search through the forums may help you find some community members who could share ideas they've previously set up.

I suspect it would involve writing some Javascript, so  you may want to begin by reviewing the Javascript best practices here. 

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