Any official guidance on running SL via Parallels (with file sharing)?

Dec 16, 2019

So I've finally made the switch to run all of my projects from a MBP using Parallels (solely for Storyline). Previously, I've always stored my projects files/resources on GoogleDrive and will continue to do so. Only .story files sat locally.

After initially experimenting with a fully shared (but non-Coherence) environment - and finding it really intuitive - I'm loathed to make the full transition until I know the most stable and workflow-friendly set up.

This article encourages isolating OSX and Windows. While I see the sense in that, it's not entirely favourable as it means installing GoogleDrive on both environments. Not sure I see that being 100% reliable in terms of syncing. Would much rather have a single instance available to both Mac and Windows.

Dial back a few years and David Anderson published these videos implying Coherence mode was the way to go. I'm cool with that, or if not full Coherence, then some form of file sharing at least (with .story files perhaps remaining Win only if that's possible).

A bit of searching in these parts gives me the impression some people are running the latter. But how stable is that?  And what set up are you Articulate peeps using?

Thanks all

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Deborah Levine

I am running in Parallels with file sharing on; have no problems accessing files. BUT: when I publish the files and try to view them, the spinning circle just spins and spins, the content never loads. I have tried with both Firefox and Edge. Any tips on how to get the file to load? I am publishing to html5 with flash backup. Thank you!

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Deborah, 

Thanks for reaching out and sharing what you are running into with your published files.

You mention that the content doesn't load when you're trying to view it. Are you uploading it to your LMS prior to viewing?

When you view a Storyline 360 course on your local hard drive, you'll encounter security restrictions from the computer, web browser, Flash Player, and network that can cause various features of the course to fail. To test your published content and share it with others, it's best to upload it to a web server or LMS. See this article for details.

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