Any solution to Data Entry "Selecting All" when appending notes

Been seeing this brought up in the forum, but not with any proper solution.

Since "learner journaling" is a very popular feature (notes/reflections) ... the default "Select All" when the learner wants to add to their journal (Data Entry) is an obvious bug.

Guaranteed the learner will type over what they previously wrote. In my Usability head, this feature is non existent as a result.

Is this a "is what it is."? How have others dealt with this?

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Ryan,

I believe this is currently considered by design, in the sense that if the user clicks in the same data entry field, they're rewriting their answer entirely - if you'd like to keep what they previously wrote, but refer to it later so that they could continue adding information, have you looked at adding additional data entry fields so that you could keep the data in more than one variable and use the variable reference to display it to the user when necessary?

You may want to review a few other threads that discuss alternatives as well such as this one or this one, or finally this one.

Hope those help!