Any way to DISABLE Dynamic Variable Placeholders?

Apr 01, 2022

Since the Feb 2022 update to Storyline 360, I am forced to see the values of my variables rather than the variable name.

Articulate are calling this "Dynamic Variable Placeholders"

Is there any way to switch it off so I can go back to just seeing my variable names?

Its a very frustrating and much slower feature in several situations.

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Andrew Hanley

Thanks Richard. Youre right I already knew about that, but its always worth passing these little things along as sometimes we can miss them, so I appreciate your reply.

What I dont appreciate are these new "features" that force us to work in a different way. Due to this update, overnight, I lost the ability to quickly type in variable names, and then simply edit the text to cover all the variables I need.
As my "niche" is programming very unique and bespoke elearning functionality, my courses can often be filled with variables and code that changes them dynamically, so various "trace" outputs to the screen are so handy to ensure things are working as they should.

Anyways, Im venting, sorry :D

All the very best

Phil Mayor

I find the dynamic variable is useful, however, I often have a lot of variables that differ only by the last number and the dynamic variables now make it difficult to edit those, I would love a toggle button that could be added to the QAT and also I do think to click into the text field should show the variable name so it can be edited. Should only be dynamic when the textbox does not have focus.

Andrew Hanley

Its interesting that this discussion has attracted response from those who I would say are some of the most experienced, expert and professional level Storyline users on here (and not by accident are you labelled "Heroes"!). Ive had the pleasure to work alongside some of you on projects and was always impressed at your knowledge and clever ways to work around Storyline "limitations"

However, it seems that Articulate Storyline developers really do not consider or heed requests/advice from developers like ourselves. Those who literally use the software every single day and rely on it for income.
Instead they choose to implement features regardless of impact to user base. Simultaneously, it seems that obvious shortcomings and issues are ignored. (Matt,  I totally agree with the Focus Order feature! I would quickly add "32bit software in 2022?!" as my #1 bugbear)

If Articulate still need convincing that there are better, more transparent ways to be a SaaS company in 2022 - open Storyline, click File and choose "Storyline Options"....
Really? We are using software that has 3 (yes, 3) tickbox options for preferences?! Im guessing this "Storyline Options" menu has been forgotten by the Storyline development team.

So my question to that team is - if a new feature is about to be released, as part of its rollout, why can it not have a corresponding tick box in "Storyline Options" to simply toggle/adjust the feature?

Phil Mayor

I have to be completely transparent here and I am part of the beta test group. When this feature was released to beta I was working on a contract that meant I did very little testing of the new feature, and as a result, I am finding workflow issues now.

Also with respect to the Articulate developers, they are very responsive and features that have been released are often very different from the version initially dropped in beta. I am not sure how you join the group but suspect it would benefit from you all joining.