Any way to have the markers scroll up and down with the coresponding text in the scrolling panel?

Aug 23, 2016

Hello Community,

I  guess it may not be possible but never hurt to ask. In the scrolling panel, I attached some markers in the end of some certain sentences, so that learners can get more info if clicking on the markers for the specific sentences. However, if scrolling up and down the whole text, the markers are still static, staying in the same place and won't move with the corresponding sentences or words. So, did I miss any feature that can tie up the markers with the text so that they can move up or down together when scrolling?  Any thoughts, please?

I know alternatively I can simply change markers to "highlight" words or sentences and make them clickable for more info, but I feel using markers will be more eye catching and increase chances to make learners click on it. 

Thank you very much

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