Invisible text in Scrolling Panel on iPad


We've noticed that the Scrolling Panel does not display text on iPad if it contains large amounts of text.

We have a transcript layer with a Scroll Panel containing a text box with 4791 characters (874 words) and the text doesn't show up on iOS7. It shows a scrollbar, which can be flicked up and down but the text is invisible. If we reduce the amount of characters by about half the text displays fine.

Is there a known limit to the amount of characters a text box can handle or a limit to the amount of scrolling of the Scrolling Panel? Is anyone's aware of a workaround?

Thank you.

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Adrian Dean

Hi Kallidus Developer,

Do you have the problem when viewing the course on a computer? If not, then it looks to be an issue with iOS7. If this is the case, would you mind submitting a Support Case so that we can take a closer look. Please make sure to include your .story project file when doing so.

Always Happy to Help,