Scrolling panels - Not displaying via HTML5 publish viewed on iPad

A SL project with a text box in a scrolling panel object displays fine via Flash output, but when viewing on an iPad via HTML5 output, the scrolling bar does not display and the text box is not scrollable. I read where it needs to be limited to base layers, so tried it that way with same result. I checked to make sure the text box is properly seated inside the scrolling panel, and displays fine in preview/flash publish mode, but not on iPad (via safari browser, not using the Articulate mobile player).

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Nancy Woinoski

Hi Darrin, I had this same problem and reported the bug to Articulate. They told me the scroller does not appear unless you use two fingers to scroll up and down. The problem with this is that users may not even realize their is a scroller. You might have to provide text instructions describing how it works.