Storyline on ipad handling content in a scrolling box

Oct 04, 2012

I'm having issues displaying a scrolling box on the ipad version of my course.  

The scroll bar works just fine, but the content - a text box containing text - does not display in the scrolling box.

A button that is at the foot of the scrolling box displays and operates just fine.

Needless to say this all works perfectly well when launched via the standard web browser

Any clues? 

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Justin Grenier

Good Afternoon, Gary.

Take a quick gander at this Forum Thread.  Lisa mentions some border issues that perhaps might be applicable to your situation.

If that doesn't prove helpful, I think we'll need to see a copy of your content in order to be certain that we are diagnosing the problem properly.  Would you mind submitting a Support Case and including a copy of your .story file?  Thanks!

Bruce Graham

Gary Dixon said:

Support fixed this...the text box was too long for ipad version to handle gracefully - so I broke it out into several smaller txt boxes and fitted these into the scrolling box. Works fine now.

Hi Gary,

Could you please post the recommended settings - this could be very useful if there are limitations.



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