Scrollling Panel + Variable Output

Feb 19, 2013

I have a custom transcript button on my master slide which reveals a layer. On that layer I created a scrolling panel. Next, I created a text box and inserted a variable; this was dragged into the scrolling panel. On each slide I have the transcript text assigned to that variable. I have set both the scrolling panel and the text box within it to Do Not Autofit so that the text doesn't end up micro-mini size. The scroll bar is working fine on the scrolling panel, but the text is still pretty darn small. Changing font size has no effect. I have another scrolling panel on my master which works just fine -- it contains text I typed in myself. Is the problem that my text box/scrolling panel combination contains a variable?

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Jeff Forrer

I have had that very problem.  I find that I have to play with all the settings until I get it right.  The three settings that you can set the text box to don't seem to work as expected unfortunately.  You think if you made the font a specific size, it would hold.

What I ended up doing for now is actually making the text box taller so that it can accomodate all the text and can use that tallness if need be.  I looked at my longest string (I have text going into it from a variable too) and made the box that tall, this way it does not make my font tiny.  It takes a bit of finessing, but I finally got close to the results I wanted. 

I hope that helps!

Rebecca Adler

Thank you for responding, Jeff! I appreciate your insight. I may end up doing the transcript individually on each slide as I'll be able to get the scrolling functionality I want by using static text instead of a variable. (A couple of my narration blocks are a bit long.) It would be nice if the variable text could conform to the scrolling box the way we'd both like!

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