Anybody else having trigger problems

Hello Community,

I recently started having issues with triggers not working as they should and have opened a support ticket. Is anybody else having problems with triggers?  The triggers are simple, disable the quiz retry button when a score is reached. Disable the next button on the results slide when timeline starts, then make normal when the score is reached on the quiz.

I'm on a deadline! Articulate support has had this ticket for a week without any  indication that a resolution is coming, I need to know if I have to shop for a solution elsewhere.

Sorry to post this but I am nervous that this issue will not be resolved in time for me to meet my deadline. 

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Barbara Herman

Thank you this has worked. I have never done those triggers like this, does this have anything to do with how Articulate is changing the product to group the triggers? Because logically, at least in my mind, the triggers I had should have worked just fine. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.