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Feb 01, 2018

Anybody else having problems with the latest update. I am having big troubles with courses that work fine yesterday, and today audio files are not played, states are dissapearing, not working, or even hiding other object on the screen!! I am very fustrated since I have a deadline coming up, and can see no way to fix this. I there any way I can roll-back the update?

I have already uploaed the files with my project for you.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Jan! I just saw your other post and support case - my colleague Chino is on it, and will be in touch as soon as he can. 

For anyone else who spots this discussion and/or has run into an issue with the latest update - please reach out to our Support Engineers!  They'll test your file and can share an link to roll back to an earlier update if needed. That's also the best way for us to confirm and track if the issues you're experiencing are related as our team looks towards the fix for this. 

I'm truly sorry for any stress this has caused you - but know that our team is hard at work figuring out what happened and how we can get this fix to you as soon as possible. 

Todd Haynes

I've opened a case too. A course I've been developing for two months all of a sudden has issues with buttons states, triggers, animated cursor appearing on slides which make all objects unclickable, etc. While I appreciate support looking at my file in less than 24 hrs, the fact that the release broke my course and I now have to postpone a release of training for a customer is a real bummer. I've rebuilt some slides from scratch, put back in these features, and the problems are replicated in both Preview, local Web publish, and Storyline 360 review versions. Storyline 360 is basically unusable for me at the moment.

Laura Kowalczyk

I am also having issues with the most recent Storyline update (version 3.12.14612.0 of Storyline 360) and have opened a support case, but if you could send me the instructions to rollback my version, I would appreciate it.  Like others in this thread, I have a deadline for a course for tomorrow and I need to be able to work on it.

I noticed that the issues seem to be with the HTML5 versions of the published output (and the slide preview when you are working on the course).  The Flash versions (at least for the courses that I have experimented with) are working correctly.  I've been having trouble with the built in closed caption not functioning (or not appearing at all) as well as custom buttons either not appearing or not functioning properly.  The latest release mentioned a fix for missing variable references from the HTML5 output, and I wonder if this has something to do with all the problems that people are experiencing.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jan,

Update 11 of Storyline 360 would be for the desktop authoring app - not for anything in Review. I saw that Chino sent you an updated copied and asked for some additional information, so I'm not 100% sure that your issue was the same as everyone else here. I see you responded to your case as well and that'll be the best option to figure out what's happening and how to fix it going forward! 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Matt, 

We don't share the link publicly, as our Support team will want to work with you one on one to confirm what the issue was and if it's truly something that is broken in the latest update. For example, with Jan's issue it seems to be how those items were set up on the slide so she may not  need to roll back! My teammate Chino is confirming that with her now. 

If you'd like to connect with our Support team, they're available here 24/7. Send along a sample file, screenshots or anything else that'll help us track down what you've run into and they'll work with you one on one. 😀

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