Button Issue - January 31, 2018 (Build 3.12.14612.0)

Feb 01, 2018

I have discovered an issue that jams Storyline 360 at runtime and preview mode. After several hours debugging I isolated the issue to a button with custom states. 

This can be replicated by the following steps:

  • create a button
  • add a new custom state
  • add a text box to the custom state
  • set the custom state as default

The screen will not preview or show when published, just a spinning timer symbol. If you remove the text box or change the default state back to normal all is OK.

This just started on the latest revision. I have attached a link and storyline 360 file. In the example the first slide has a default button state as normal, second slide has a default button state as custom state.

Published file:


Storyline 360  example file attached



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Jan Brooks

I have the same issue with two text boxes with an initial state of hidden. When a button is clicked (1 button per text box), the text should appear with an animation on entry. On Preview, the first text box displays without clicking and the animation plays. The second text box won't display if you click the button or not. I entered a ticket yesterday.

Crystal Horn

Hi folks!  I'm happy to let you know that we've rolled out a fix for an issue with states that could cause some features to fail in HTML5 output. For example, slides might not load, hover states might not work, or drag-and-drop submit buttons might be unresponsive.

To take advantage of this fix, launch your desktop app and follow these steps to install the latest release of Storyline 360.

Thanks for working through this one with us, and let us know how you make out!

Doug Brown

Hi Crystal, I can confirm issue is now resolved with February 1, 2018 (Build 3.12.14647.0)

see link to example above now working


Thankyou for your prompt assistance, it is this type of community and technical support that sets Articulate above all others.


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