Anyone worked with the new Bridge LMS from Instructure?

I'm talking with a company that uses Bridge because Canvas wouldn't work for their corporate style courses that they want to develop. Can I take a Storyline SCORM course, published for the LMS, and upload it to Bridge as I would in, say Saba? And, will the LMS be able host it, launch it, and run reports on it?

Has anyone worked in Bridge that could offer any thoughts?



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Michael O.


Are you still with Instructure and the Bridge team?  I was recently hired by a large University in a department that is looking to update their compliance training and heard that Bridge is being utilized by another department in the U. Before going down the path with Bridge I would like to learn more about its built in capabilities and options. 

I was curious if Bridge still works with the latest version of Storyline and what issues i need to be aware of? 

Austin Cowan

Hey Trenton,

I'm from Bridge! I was wandering around the internet today looking at Articulate: Rise and I stumbled across this. Sorry this is 5 months late, but if you're still running about would love to talk shop! 

Lemme know, happy to make connections to whomever might be best on our side.