Anyway to remove Menu in Preview

I have not yet Published my training (I am working on the free trial, so I don't know if I should publish or not, and if so, to where?).

My quesiton is:  I don't like the fact that students can cheat and use the menu to skip sections of the training, can even go to the end.  Is this something that is not available to the students once the training is Published?  Or, is it always an option.  If it is an option, can it be turned off (and how?)?

Thanks again for all of the help I've gotten!

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi David,

If you remove the buttons, but still allow for Swiping you shouldn't see the bar. 

  1. In Story View, select all the slides in your course.
  2. Uncheck the Prev and Next buttons so they won’t appear on your course player.
  3. Mark the Prev and Next swipe gestures so learners can still swipe between slides if they want.

Hope that helps!