Apostrophe's Importing from Notepad as ’

Jun 02, 2020

Has anyone else encountered this? How can I get apostrophe's to import from Notepad correctly when importing quiz questions?

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Katie Riggio

Hi Mike,

I'd love to help investigate why the apostrophes appear that way after import! 

First, I'm having trouble recreating those characters in Storyline 360 Update 40. Are you comfortable with sharing the .txt file for testing?

You can either:

Mike Adamski

So the issue isn't with the template as the template just has regular quotation marks, both forward and backwards facing. These import into Storyline 360 as: â€˜and â€™.

So in other words, if I wrote, "Have a nice day" it would import from Notepad as ‘Have a nice day’

I'm pretty sure the issue is that I need to tell Storyline to just use regular "straight" quotes and not the curved ones, but I'm not sure how/where to do that, or even if it's possible.


Vincent Scoma

Hi Mike,

Thank you for sharing those details! 

I tried recreating the issue as well in Storyline 360 Update 40, but I am also not seeing those characters after import. Here is what my sample slide looked like after importing the .txt file using Notepad: 

May I ask if you could share the .txt file with us for further troubleshooting? You could either share it to this thread or share it with us privately here. We'll let you know our findings and will delete it after having a closer look!

Mike Adamski

The issue isn't with the text file, it's either my machine or an issue with the software when trying to import the text file. I've attached a .txt file in which the second questions asks, "Kotter’s eight-step model suggests..."

That will import into Storyline as:

Kotter’s eight-step model suggests...

Katie Riggio

Hi Liz!

Thanks for providing a sample file. Referencing Mike's case, we uncovered:

  • The curved apostrophe symbols () used in the modified .txt file are different than the standard import_template.txt template which has straight ones (').
  • Replacing the curved apostrophes with straight ones in the .txt file and then importing it into Storyline should remove the â€™ characters.

Import the modified .txt file, and let me know if you see an improvement! 😊

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