Applying a Feedback Master To Question Feedback

Jan 15, 2015

Hi Community

I'm pretty sure that back in Storyline 1 you could apply a Feedback Master to an entire question on a slide: i.e if you had more than one Feedback Master you could apply either one to a question slide and the question's correct and incorrect feedback would adopt the appropriate layouts from that Master.

In Storyline 2 it looks like you can only apply layouts at a correct/incorrect layer level by selecting the correct or incorrect feedback layer on a question slide and then using the Layout tool ribbon.

Is this correct? Is that how multiple Feedback Masters are supposed to be used in Storyline 2?



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Emily Ruby

Hello Pete,

Feedback masters in Articulate Storyline2  let you control the default themes, colors, fonts, text, and objects for question feedback layers. These cannot be applied to a regular slide. They will appear in the layout drop down when adding layers within quiz slides as well. This was the same in Storyline 1. If you wanted to have a feedback master appear on a quiz slide, you could add a new layer, and apply the master, then have that layer appear when timeline starts. 

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