Applying an Articulate Presenter Template to an existing presentation

Oct 01, 2018

Hi All,

    I imported an existing presentation into Articulate Presenter 360, hoping that I would be able to apply one of the templates from the content library to my old presentation.  It seems to be failing, even after I imported all of the template slides and saved them as their own Power Point template.  I also noticed that the default template slides that Articulate 360 uses, look really nice but a lot of the template features are not visible on the master slide -- I think this may be part of my issue..  Anyways, before I gave up on applying a template from the content library, I thought I would ask in the forums and see what people had to say.  If I can avoid recreating each of the slides on my own, that would be nice.  

Appreciate your two cents.  Thank you,

Alicia Breig

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Katie Riggio

Hi there, Alicia. I'm glad you reached out to us; I'd love to help!

To start, here are some pro-tips for importing PowerPoint and Presenter content into Storyline 360. Most PowerPoint and Presenter features will work as expected in Storyline, but some might have different behavior and be unsupported.

Could you share a little more detail on what variations you're seeing after the import? Additionally, can you share the file you're importing with me? I'll import it on my side and look into some recommendations! 😊

Alicia Breig

Sorry I didn't realize I had received a reply.  I will have to check my email notifications. 


I think my issue was maybe because I had switched from a 4:3 screen to a 16:19 screen (the mobile one).  I was trying to apply the "VIsion" template from the content library, and that template I learned is not like a typical powerpoint template.  I have tried to create my own masterslides from the Vision slides, and that has helped a little.  I'm not sure if I can send the file because it is company proprietary information, I'll have to check.  


Without seeing the file, is there anything else you might be able to add/suggest based on what I mentioned above? 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Alicia,

No apologies necessary, it's easy to lose an email when you're busy designing a course! 

If you're using a content library template, you should see that also update your slide masters. It sounds like that may not be happening as you initially started it in Powerpoint and then imported into Storyline? I'd always recommend applying a template before building out content, as you may have to move some things around after applying the template. 

You can also look at the directions here on setting up your own custom templates based on the Powerpoint file you'd already created and imported into Storyline. That would ensure you get to use all the features and pieces you already laid out. 

Let me know if you need anything else, and if you're able to share privately our Support Team is available 24/7 to take a look! 

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