Applying changes to captions, hotspots etc universally

Sep 07, 2012

I've created a screen recording and inserted it into my presentation. I'd like to change the hotspots which appear as green to another color. Is there a way to make this change and have it apply to all elements of the same type? Otherwise I have to make the change individually on all the slides in the screen recording. By the time I'm done creating this training I'm going to have a lot of screen recordings. I'd like to make changes as efficiently as possible.


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Gerry Wasiluk

Hi!   Believe not.  Best, for now, is often to make a design decision early on and then stick to it if you wish to avoid extensive changes later.

You could use the Format Painter and copy the format of one marker and apply it to others.  It won't change everything but color is one of them.

You could also change your color scheme but that doesn't, I believe, change all markers of different colors to a common color.

Jesse Kramer

 I took a look at the colors on the Design tab.

Is there a resource that explains what each of the labels corresponds to? I've started playing with it myself but sometimes when I change one color it changes other colors on this list. Can be very confusing. Just when I thought I had one element figured out it would seem a change elsewhere over rode previous changes. Very confusing and not very intuitive.


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