Conditionally Displaying A Hotspot?

Nov 10, 2014

Is there a way to conditionally display a hotspot? I have an image that has a 0% opacity in its Normal state. When a menu button is clicked, its state changes to Active and its opacity changes to 100% - making it look like it appears as a dropdown menu when the menu button is clicked. On this image, I have a Glossary and Print item I'd like to add hotspots to only when the state of the dropdown menu is Active, not Normal. Is there a way to do this without having to add a new layer for the hotspots? I've inserted the menu dropdown image below so you can see what I'm trying to accomplish. This is the Active state where I'd like the hotspots to appear - one for Glossary and another for Print. Thanks! 

 Menu Dropdown

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James Snider

I figured it out. Here is what I did in case it helps anyone else. The hotspot has 2 triggers. First, it says to set the state of the menu to Active when clicked (this overrides another trigger that says set the state back to Normal if clicked outside of the dropdown, which the hotspot would be as it's on top. The second trigger on the hotspot says to jump to the desired slide when it's clicked if the dropdown menu's state is Active.

This prevents the hotspot from doing anything unless the dropdown's menu is Active, which it is set that way when the hotspot is clicked. :) No need for a ton of new layers. :)

The only thing that doesn't work right is that the hotspot is there whether the state of the dropdown menu is Normal or Active. I want it to only be clickable when the dropdown menu item's state is Active.

James Snider

My pleasure. I also found a second way to implement this. I used a standard button. I made its initial state as Disabled - something you can't do with hotspots. When the dropdown menu's state is set to Active by clicking the tool icon, it, in turn, sets the button's state to Normal, which I laid over the words Glossary and Print. I made the button transparent with no border, but attached a trigger to it to go to the desired slide or execute JavaScript to print the screen.

This give the effect of the words being links, but only when the dropdown menu is displayed. :)

Mark Shepherd

Very cool solution, James!

I love reading about creative methods like this. ;)

  • I also had a detailed hotspot and interaction solution for a project that come up recently, and I used a similar method, only using graphic fragments (as images) which I turned on and off using variables, as form overlays using the "Hidden" state.

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