Applying new objects/triggers to many slides -- best approach?

Hi, Everyone.

With assistance from the community, I've finally put together a slide containing on-screen and off-screen objects that have a number of associated triggers.

These objects/triggers need to be applied to every slide I have in my course consisting of 16 modules, and a total of well over 100 slides, cumulatively. The triggers must be customized for each slide.

After many, many hours of trying options using layouts and templates, I'm at a loss as to how to simplify this process. Ideally I'd like to be able to apply a layout to each existing slide and adjust as needed, but that obviously won't work.

What I resorted to is saving the object/trigger slide as a template, inserting copies of the slide from this template into my current module, and then painstakingly cutting and pasting the content from each existing slide onto the new blank ones containing the objects & triggers I need. Then I have to go through and adjust the triggers to each slide.

There must be another way. Does anyone have any suggestions?



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Phil Mayor

You don't say what type of triggers, you could build a slide master with your triggers, or add the triggers onto an offside shape and cut and paste that onto each slide.

If the triggers are associated with objects then you will need to cut and paste these object.

Ideally you would have got the design right at the start of the project and then just duplicated the slides, but design work is never ideal and I am sure this would have needed tweaking.

Allan Dunlop

Thanks, Phil. I've attached a file I'm working on currently. Not all of the triggers are working properly (I can't get the red 'X' to show up), but this should give an idea of what I'm hoping to transfer to existing slides.

The slide master route won't work, as I need to be able to alter the triggers for each slide in the course. Is there something I'm missing with that?

For some reason, when I copy (or duplicate) and paste the objects with attached triggers, the triggers don't come along for the ride. I'll have to do some research on why that is.

I would have liked to have been able to add in the functionality in this slide when I first developed the course, but had to let it fly with the knowledge I had as a Storyline newbie (which it seems I still am)   No doubt there will be many other improvements I'd like to make down the road that I haven't yet thought of, and I'd just like to find a way to do that without a huge amount of work each time.

Any help you or the others can provide will be greatly appreciated!


P.S. For some reason, the objects on slides 1 and 2 were grayed out when I inserted them (I may have copied them from a slide master layout, but can't recall for sure). They appear different than markers that I inserted directly, and they respond differently to triggers (see slide 3 for an example). Any idea why that's the case?