(Arabic) Multiple Choice Question Buttons Layout

Hello guys.
Just wanna ask..

Been trying to make a multiple choice questions in Arabic.
The location of the buttons in some of the choices are on the left and some on the right...

Please see attached file for reference.

I don't know what triggered it to transfer on the right side.. I even changed the paragraph setting from left to right to right to left, still same thing happened.

Any idea how can I change the selection button to left or right manually?

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Ren Gomez

Hi Adrian,

Happy to help! It sounds like you found where to adjust the paragraph setting. Still, for anyone following, you should be able to find this under the Home tab, select the Paragraph expander, and under the General section, select your options.

A few questions to help troubleshoot:

  • Are you selecting the specific multiple-choice box when using this formatting option?
  • Have you tried recreating the question to see if the formatting issue occurs?

Looking forward to hearing back!