Arabic Text in SL Player Getting Messed Up?

Nov 08, 2018


Our company is working on translating a specific module into Arabic.
But whenever we preview/publish the module, the arabic text found in the SLplayer(next-back buttons, menu, resources, header title) get's messed up.
The content is correct, we've made sure to check that our content is right multiple times. 

We've also done several tests to find the problem, and here are the results:

  1. Changed font from `Arial` to `Dubai`
  2. Changed language from `Arabic` to `English`
  3. Changed text read-to from `right to left` to `left to right`
  4. Changed color scheme from `DPW` to `Default`
  5. Reset player from `DPW` to `Default`
  6. Delete player settings
  7. Change Player Style from `Classic` to `Modern`
  8. Changed Menu Options; Unchecked `Wrap Long Menu Items` `Show tooltip on hover`
  9. Changed Sidebar Alignment from `On Right` to `On Left`
  10. Removed seekbar
  11. Fresh SL file with `sidebar aligned right`, `same arabic`, `classic player`, `arial font`, `read-to right to left`, `no player color scheme`, and `no logo` displays arabic properly.
  12. Importing Player-data `(containing dpw color scheme, resources, etc)` of current DPWABC-AR Mod to Fresh SL file with working arabic screws the arabic.
  13. Removing `Resources` and `Demo` button on sidebar.
  14. Imported DPWABC-EN player data into DPWABC-AR

Only the texts bolded above are the ones that had their arabic right.
The others had the arabic showing wrong and completely meaningless.

I'll be providing the exported xml file containing our SL-player settings. 
Any and all help will be appreciated.

Thank you.

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Abraham Ysmael Alvarez

Hey! Thanks for responding! I have confirmed that the support engineer has made contact and has provided me with a link to upload the XML file in question. I have already uploaded the file as instructed and have linked this discussion to the details portion of that form. Hoping for a favorable resolution. Thanks Alyssa!

Crystal Horn

Hello Anis!  Thanks for reaching out.  Can you share the details of what you're currently seeing with our support team here?  Please include:

  • a screenshot of what you see in Storyline
  • a screenshot of what you see in your published output
  • information about which font you're using
  • a copy of your .story file if you're able to share it.  We'll delete it when we're done troubleshooting.

Thank you!

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