Classic player on iPad

Nov 20, 2018

On iPad: The classic player NOTES and MENU screenshot is illegible using Classic player color scheme "Slate". There's no way to preview this without using an iPad to view the published result.

On DESKTOP: The background is black background/white text

On iPad: The background is white background/light-gray text.

Two questions:

1 - Can the iPad skin be specified for the Classic player (Using color scheme: Slate)

2 - Is it possible to preview the iPad layout in Storyline or must we login to the LMS using an iPad to view the layout?


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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Sam.  Did you make any changes to the Notes font color?  Here's what I'm seeing...

Storyline preview with tablet in landscape mode, using Classic player and Slate scheme:

Same Storyline output on iPad:


I changed only the Player to Modern Player, and here's what I saw in Preview for tablet:

Let me know about the Notes color, and we'll figure out what's happening on your end!

Sam Carter

So... Tablet NOTES always have a white background.  At some point in the past the NOTES text was colored white(ish) and SL is preserving the author's choice of text color as it should.

Now what we need is a way to say: NOTES text color is not colorized.  It doesn't seem to be an option. Once an author colors a piece of text.  It's done.

Is that right?

Sam Carter

So no way to reset text to default in Storyline. I'm resorting to examining the .story content by taking it apart into 7zip.

The folder in .story /docProps/summary.xml has the notes and styling. Every sentence in the NOTES section has a ForegroundColor and LinkColor style applied to it.  These need to be removed.

It will take a regular expression to do this and it isn't easy.

If anyone else has this problem, please PM me. We can do this for a fee.

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